Bedroom Ideas for a Retreat All Your Own

The Bedroom: Your haven from the world, a retreat all your own.

The living room and dining room are not yours alone. They are the rooms where you welcome and entertain your neighbors, friends, and family. They are designed and set up with others in mind.

However, at the end of the day, you get to step into a space that’s yours alone: your bedroom.

This special space, set apart from the rest of the home, deserves particular care in planning and designing. It should not only reflect your personality but also exude a sense of peace and respite.

When considering bedroom ideas, it’s best to start with the platform from which all other design choices will be made: the bedroom furniture. King beds are often the top choice for the master bedroom, but if the room doesn’t allow or you simply prefer a smaller bed, queen beds can be just as stately.

Bedroom sets often fall into one of three overarching themes: minimalist, traditional or antique, and glamour.


For the minimalist, the bedroom is a place of simplicity. Clean lines and color blocking will sooth the minimalist’s soul.

The transitional style Hemingway Collection at Expressions Furniture offers a sturdy frame while not sacrificing comfort, while the transitional Matheson bedroom set with a graphite finish designed for “urban dwellers” offers a slightly more modern look.

Either of these bedroom sets can be accompanied with soft colored walls and bedding and perhaps a pop of color in a piece of artwork above the bed.



For those who love all things vintage, the Auburn Collection and the Ilana Collection in antique linen bedroom sets are a great platform to adorn with hand-sewn quilts and your favorite antique store finds.

The Auburn Collection features light wood. The headboard, dresser, and nightstand are all composed of slats of wood arranged in a diagonal adding a lively touch to the soft color of the wood. Extra-long antique brass handles give the furniture a sturdy but vintage appearance.

The Ilana Collection offers a more delicate look with an upholstered headboard and may lend itself to boho chic décor.


For the Dallasites who embrace all things glitz and glam, the Bling Game Collection is the perfect fit. Accent mirrors run along the border of each piece in the Bling Game Collection, giving it that luster that earns it its name.

The Bling Game bedroom set begs for rich color and texture to surround it. If you’re choosing the Bling Game set, we know we don’t have to tell you not to hold back. Go for rich accents and layered pillows in a range of textures—brocades, velours, faux fur.

No matter what you decide, Expressions Furniture specializes in curated affordable bedroom furniture without sacrificing style.