Five Tips for Arranging Your Living Room Furniture

When you’re searching for living room ideas, it’s easy to get drawn into the details: beautiful accessories, colors, and textures. However, when you’re designing your living room, the best place to start is with the furniture. Decide on your basic footprint; purchase your living room furniture, and then fill in with those cozy blankets, striking vases, and those furry throw pillows that make you want to reach right through your computer and hug them.

While we can all detect and appreciate good design when we see it, creating it can be a challenge. Finding the right balance, orientation of objects, and flow throughout a room can be a challenge, but it can be done.

Here are five top tips for arranging your living room furniture for optimal appearance and functionality.

1) Find a focal point. – Whether it’s a piece of artwork or the television, the first step in designing your perfect living room is to define a focal point. All the furniture should be oriented toward this point. (That said, don’t forget that the room is a three-dimensional space and will be viewed from all angles. Make sure it’s aesthetically appealing from any vantage point.)

2) Keep the furniture off the walls. – Leave some breathing room between your furniture and the walls, even in a small room. This will create a sense of balance and bring seating closer together for a more intimate feel.

3) Create conversation spaces. – Make sure seating is arranged facing other seating to facilitate conversation. If you have a large or elongated living room, you may break up the room into multiple conversation spaces.

4) Use rugs to define seating areas. – Each conversation space should have a rug to bring it together, and the rug should be large enough to accommodate the seating. All four legs of your couches and arm chairs should be on a rug. Nothing should be floating off by itself.

5) Keep tables in reach. – Coffee tables, end tables, accent tables—they are essential, and they are meant to be used. Make sure there is a table within arm’s reach of each seat in your living room, and if it’s some kind of delicate antique wood, break out the coasters. You want your family and guests to be comfortable and have a place to set down their drink.


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